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After reaching Oludeniz from Fethiye, you will start to climb the mountain towards Faralya. When you come over the Butterfly Valley in Faralya, you should follow the direction shown by the Karaağaç sign that continues upward on the left. While continuing to climb, the first village you will reach will be Kirme. In Kirme, the road will turn right and left, you will continue on your way by following the right. As you proceed, you will see the Babakamp 4.5km sign on the left. You will turn left from here and enter an earth and stone road. From here, signs will guide you and you will reach the main gate of our facility. When you arrive you must ring the bell! After a few minutes, a motorized friend will reach you to open the door and guide you to our parking lot, guiding you along the rest of the road.
We know that some of our guests who come with their private cars have difficulty on the stone and earth road only in the last 4.5km. If you have a vehicle close to the ground, you have two different choices. The first is to cross this road by going at a speed of 10-20 km, and the second option is to park your car at points such as Fethiye, Ölüdeniz or Kirme and choose the transfer vehicle to transport you to our facility.