During your stay in Babakamp, you can visit the ancient cities of Lycia among the daily activities. Babakamp is in a good position to visit these cities, but the great thing is the beauty of the road that takes you there. We organize tours on some days of the week. Please contact the Babakamp team for more information.

The Lycians, known to have established the first democratic unity in history, have created a common culture, although they have come together from different cities. The most important cities of the Lycian League are Patara (capital), Xanthos, Pinara, Olympos, Myra and Tlos. (Patara 60 km, Xanthos 50 km, Tlos 40 km Pinara 28 km)
Oludeniz, which looks like a natural lagoon, is an area of 950 hectares. This area, which includes the Ölüdeniz Lagoon and Kıdrak Beach, is in the special environmental protection area.

Oludeniz consists of two parts: the first part, Belcekiz, or Belcegiz, which extends from the bay to the lagoon, the sea is wavy. The second part is where the lagoon is located, the sea is undulating and shallow. Oludeniz is a character name like stagnant lake. However, Oludeniz, which seems stagnant, effectively renews itself.