4 Seasons | Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat

4 Seasons

We move
throughout the four seasons
with grace, and great respect to nature
and leave places and each other
better than how we have found them

Babakamp gives a mesmerizing setting each and every day just with the moves of the nature, awakening our souls with it’s simple yet delicate acts, carrying us into the truth of our Being just by watching it.

In Babakamp, days just don’t go by, every moment leaves a trace and let’s you see it shining by.

Witnessing the very favors of all four seasons is a unique experience that cannot be found everywhere and we are happy to be a sharing part on it.

We are open in winter too, thanks to mostly sunny shiny weather at South, yet we can enjoy the sense of snow too, feeling the luck of being above the mountain. We get our energy from the sun so it is not possible for our waters to warm up if there is no sun or there is little sun on the days you have a reservation. For this reason, we can provide the opportunity to take a shower by heating water on the stove in the jars in our rooms and leave you with an authentic experience.

Spring and Autumn are the days we salute the many colors and varieties of the nature; such a perfect time to refresh ourselves and give our minds a peace.

Summers are days to remember…leaving memories to turn back to warm our hearts all along the other seasons. Summer gets us together with the elaborately curated festivals we have all along the season. And it’s lovely to freshen up at our salt-water pool in days, also not gething overwhelmed at nights by the help of the softly wind emanating from the Babadağ Mountain.

We hold our breaths to welcome you in every season of Babakamp and to exhale together to renew ourselves.