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A home above the clouds for art, movement and nature enthusiasts!

Babakamp is an eco-ranch and retreat center, 1300 meters above sea level in Fethiye, Turkey. Overlooking the vast Mediterreneanand one of the most breathtaking sunsets, surrounded by the ancient Lycian Way, Babakamp is a perfect spot for group retreats and camps. Equipped for up to 200 people, we can host both small and large groups. We have space for up to 84 people in our bungalows, stone houses, nomad houses and Baba tents and space for up to 120 people in their own tents or caravans.

Let’s talk about your vision! Fill out the request form to organize your group retreat in Babakamp. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

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Retreats are one of the finest ways to let your mind-body and soul nourish. One can heal oneself anytime, anywhere, we salute that. But in that spirit, we aim to bring people together in a natural, healthy, loving, and humbly stunning space. More than meets the eye, Babakamp is a magical heaven carrying the myths of the ancient Babadağ Mountain, the endlessness of the sea, and the whispers of its ancient, yet very natural surroundings.

Book your gatherings, of any kind from silence retreats to movement, from shamanic rituals to circus workshops, from yoga to music! Experience the sensation of living above the clouds, high above the sea, and let the mesmerizing feeling of the mountains follow your soul wherever you go back.

The next video is from the Babadağ Movement Festival 2022. The second edition of our annual gathering of movement enthusiasts. Bringing together people interested in many fields like capoeira, dance, juggling, flow arts, jiu-jitsu, hiking, climbing, high-lining, acrobatics, and many more, right in the heart of nature! One of the most motivating atmospheres that we can imagine.

We are well-equipped and eager to provide your group with everything you might need. Guided by a loving, qualified staff we can offer you the list below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us with a request. We have many projects in progress!

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24 acres of a plateau surrounded by a forest of cedar & pine woods
180 m2 multi-purpose windowed studio (room for 80 participants of yoga)
Sunset view points & world famous hiking trails nearby (Lycian Way)Mats, bolsters, blocks, meditation cushions suitable for up to 80 people
Volleyball & football courts, table tennisUp to 30 massage beds
Playground for kidsUp to 60 chairs
Salt-water swimming pool Outdoor calisthenics & training platforms, indoor gym and equipment
Community GardenProjector for large group presentations & movie nights
Fire pit and open air stage

Organized Activities

Food & Beverages

Organized safari and boat trips to the wonderful area passing through the lycian way and breathtaking nature Kitchen staff experienced in different dietary restrictions like vegan, vegetarian gluten free, ayurvedic etc.
Organized paragliding tripsOctagon Cafe
Massage (Different styles like trigger point, classic, deep tissue, spine alignment etc.)Grill & Oven, A la Carte
Cacao ceremonies & ecstatic dance sessionsFuegon Bar
Sufi workshopsVitamin Bar
Movie and game nights

Both because we are extremely lucky to occupy a beautifully abundant land and devoted to evolving and hosting passionate people, here in the mountains; one of the newest additions to our wide variety of activities is highlining. Check out the next video to see how! Feel free to take this as a sign that if you have an activity that you don’t see on our list, we can make it possible. Every reality was once a dream!


11 Bungalows with private bathrooms
2 Stone houses with private bathrooms
9 Nomad houses with shared bathroom
15 Babatent (our equipped tents)
Enough area to accommodate 100+ tents

The closest airport to Babakamp is Dalaman (DLM) Airport. You can rent a transfer directly from Dalaman Airport or you can choose to go to Fethiye with the public Muttaş shuttles first. Feel free to contact us for a transfer company that has been driving guests up to Babakamp for years.

Even though further away, Antalya Airport can also be preferred.

If you are driving up for the first time, please ask us for a location link, instead of following the routes available on navigation apps. This location will bring you to the beginning of the dirt road. After this point, the red arrows will lead you to Babakamp. Take into consideration that the last 4.5 km is a stabilized dirt road, so drive slowly and safely.

We are leaving approximate distances from central places to Babakamp so you can decide for yourself whether you want to drive or not.

• Dalaman Airport - Babakamp 80 km

• Fethiye - Babakamp 35 km

• Ölüdeniz - Babakamp 22 km

• Faralya - Babakamp 14 km

• Kirme - Babakamp 9 km



Babakamp has been hosting movement, wellness, sports enthusiasts and professionals along with nature&outdoor lovers since day one; while also being a hub for solo travellers and small to large groups of ...

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Yoga Camps

Yoga Camps

Babakamp had it’s every corner available to turn into o yoga spot, whether your sessions feels better in the forest, or you want to create a sensation of not only greeting the sun but giving it a close hug on ...

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