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SOLUNA Overall

SOLUNA Overall


This jumpsuit gives you and your skin a charming feeling; It is designed from 100% lyocell fabric and as one size. It has many details such as accessories on the chest, tie straps, buttons on the side and legs, a chest pocket and a side pocket on the leg.


Soluna was born with a creation of feelings and creativity in the mountains, in nature.

Every self-designed garment is hand-sewn by Turkish women and consists entirely

of natural components; organic bamboo, cotton and linen, which are sustainably and environmentally friendly woven in Turkey.

Colors inspired by autumn and patterns inspired by our ancestors.

The feeling of well-being and the feeling of beauty in one; chic, comfortable, colorful and for everyone.

sol means ‘sun’ & luna means ‘moon’

Both are the light and energy givers of the earth.