ZENA 401 – 402 | Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat

ZENA 401 - 402

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Rooms & People

These wooden chalets in the center of Babakamp have an area where 4 people can comfortably stay.

If you plan to stay in these houses, whose veranda overlooks the magnificent Babadag peak, we recommend that you look out from the ceiling window on the mezzanine at night and out of the doors that open to the veranda in the morning.

During your stay you can enjoy the pool, Grill&Oven a la carte restaurant, The FugeonBar, Octagon Cafe, Vitamin Bar, the callisthenics area with a view of the fascinating mountain; open-air volleyball court, table tennis, football fields, the forest, mini children’s playground, massage area, screening room and the scenic Sunset viewpoints which is a must-see spot.

For the like-minded movement, nature, outdoor, arts and history lover members of the Babakamp Family, we happily offer and arrange daily outdoor activities like yoga classes, callisthenics practices, trekking through the wonders of Lycian Way, ancient city tours, workshops, paragliding, Ölüdeniz boat tours, Highline (slackline), Baba mountain safari, trekking tours, mountain biking and more to count. 

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