In the summer months, instead of the sweltering heat, you will enjoy the moment you spend in Babakamp, while the winter months are cold and harsh.
In summer, instead of getting tired of the heat by the sea, you can breathe in Babakamp's fresh forest air on the mountain, watch the millions of stars illuminating the night and then sleep in a natural coolness.
Due to the fact that we are an ecological and nature camp, your holiday in Babakamp will not be like the city conditions. . We get our energy from solar panels. Therefore, there are some differences between summer and winter months. In the winter, the water in the pipes can freeze.
We have hot water in the winter as long as there is sun, and when there is no sun, you can get your hot water from the jars heated on your stove.
Our rooms have USB ports where you can only charge your phones and sockets only in our common areas. There is a sudden electric kettle, blow dryer, hair straightener etc. anywhere in the facility. the machines are not suitable for use.
Guests who want to stay in the winter are warmed up with a wood stove. Since our rooms are insulated, the interior of the room can always stay warm as long as your stove is not extinguished.